Architecture & Interior Design
Architect of Record
DLA+ Staff Role
Dennis Astorino, AIA - Principal-in-Charge
Joseph Sepcic, RA – Project Manager
Completion Date
Project Size
130,000 SF

Project Challenges and Outcomes


UPMC Health System planned to create an organ transplant hospital (ISMETT) in Palermo, Italy.  A  comprehensive project delivery system was developed that anticipated the demands of working in a cross-cultural environment. It would require all project documents to be developed in Italian and with the metric scale.  Additionally the very complicated project came with another complication, build it in what would be record time for a project in Italy. This was done by a project design and construction that were cued to meet a fast-track pace not previously used in Palermo.


When ISMETT opened it was the first of its kind operating transplant facility for heart, liver and kidney outside of the US. The facility has acted as a conduit to the Arab world for the client. It continues to successfully perform surgeries today, recently completing six transplants in 24 hours. ISMETT has boosted the Sicilian economy by generating 1,793 jobs and a net benefit of more than €73 million.