Architecture & Interior Design

Petersen Sports Complex Addition

DLA+ performed a feasibility study for the expansion of the University of Pittsburgh’s Petersen Sports Complex and was later hired to complete renovations and add 26,500 SF of space to the building. The first and second floors received expansions and renovations while a third floor was added to the building.

Project Team

University of Pittsburgh
PJ Dick
Interior Design
Construction Administration
Completion Date
November 2020
Project Size
31,930 SF



The University needed to expand and renovate portions of the existing Petersen Sports Complex to house more locker rooms, equipment rooms, training areas, and coaches’ office suites. 


The first and second-floor expansions are approximately 4,000 SF each. The first-floor addition includes new lacrosse and auxiliary locker rooms, public restrooms, and storage space, while the second-floor addition encompasses new locker rooms for coaches and officials. There was also an expansion and renovation to the existing equipment and training areas. Five office suites for men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse are in the new 15,500 SF third floor space along with new meeting rooms. DLA+ and our project partners are on track to achieve LEED Silver Certification of the new space.

The newly enhanced Petersen Sports Complex is an all-in-one central hub for coaches and student athletes to gather, prep for practices and games, and attend meetings and trainings – eliminating the need to move between multiple buildings on campus. The increased efficiency and convenience maximize the coaches’ and the student athletes’ experiences.