Architecture & Interior Design

​POROS Restaurant

Big Y Group asked DLA+ to design the space as it opened its sixth restaurant; the location is the ground floor of Two PPG Place. The concept is a high end Mediterranean Restaurant, which incorporates the following design concepts; a large bar with strong visual curb appeal, open kitchen, operable doors and windows that connect to the square and open to a large sidewalk dining area.

Project Team


​Nick Doichev, AIA
VP Architectural Design / Corporate Commercial Practice Leader & Principal
2016 MBA Building Excellence Award: New Construction Under $10 Million
The Big Y Group
Interior Design
Construction Administration
Completion Date
October 2015
Project Size
​9,550 SF

Project Challenges and Outcomes


Develop a new concept restaurant for the Big Y Group’s sixth restaurant, a Mediterranean Restaurant, and re-invigorate this space on the corner of busy downtown square.


Located on corner of the ground floor of Two PPG Place in the busy Market Square area of downtown Pittsburgh, the design of the new restaurant would have to have to play a role in re-energizing a space that had long been considered a dead corner of the building. With high end Mediterranean as the restaurant concept, the design for POROS incorporates features that are important and expected by consumers in a high-end establishment. These included a large bar, open kitchen, private dining spaces, operable doors and windows that connect to the square and open to a large raised outdoor dining area. Perhaps the most important aspect for the design was that outdoor space and creating strong visual curb appeal to help bring new life to this corner retail space.