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DLA+ CEO Interviewed on Future of Architecture

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Local architects weigh in on the future of architecture

The July/August publication of Breaking Ground Magazine discusses the changes in architecture over the last ten years and where architecture is headed. Dennis Astorino, DLA+ CEO and Senior Principal gives his take in the article. “I think over the next ten years architects will get increasingly involved in designing buildings that use zero energy and produce more energy than they use. I think fossil fuels will have gone by the wayside,” predicts Astorino. “It will have a dramatic impact on how we do things. Many clients don’t understand that the cost of operating a building over the course of its lifetime, even 25 years, is much greater than the first cost. Being able to show clients the return up front, because we’ll have 20 years of history, will help them make good choices during the design,” says Dennis.

Along with sustainability, technology and data will become more important pieces of the puzzle in the future. Between AI, virtual and augmented reality, and advances in 3D modeling and rendering, architecture is changing at a rapid pace.

Read more in Breaking Ground.


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